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Welcome to Skagafjörður

Sleep like an angel!

There are many hotels and camping sites and everything between all around Skagafjörður.

Do more in life!

The activities available are endless! From hiking the mountain tops to go sailing on the fjord – everyone should be able to find something to do.

It's so pretty!

You better bring the camera! Everywhere you look you’ll want to take a picture to show off this magical place you’ll be visiting!

Nice to meet you!

Strike up a conversation with everyone! Icelanders love to talk about their country – they can tell you what to do or where to go.

Sailing in Skagafjörður

Haf og Land (Sailing in Skagafjordur) is a sailing tour company located in Hofsós, in Skagafjördur, North Iceland. The company offers tours for everyone, customized upon request, to offer an amazing and unforgettable experience onboard. Sailing Tours, Sea Angling Tours, as well as Bird Watching and Kayak Tours are available from May to October. In the Summer Time, we provide special tours to observe the Midnight Sun! The company is run by Ingvar Daði Jóhannsson, a passionate Icelander who has made a career out of his passion and whose main interest is to show people the best of the area and make them have a memorable time. Ingvar’s boat can welcome 19 people, keeping it intimate.

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Infinity Blue

Hofsós swimmingpool is one of the most popular pools in Iceland, stunning view overlooking the fjord that is surrounded by mountains and midnight baths. Infinity view toward Drangey island is absolutely amazing. Floating, is a water therapy focusing on relaxation and mindfulness, while enjoying the beautiful scenery, nortern lights, starry sky or midnight sun, depending on weather and season.
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Overnight accommodation began to be offered in the old residential house at Kolkuós in June 2014. The house has been fully reconstructed, with special emphasis given to maintaining its original external appearance. Inside it now contains luxurious accommodation, incorporating four double rooms with bath, a living room, dining room, and a fully equipped kitchen.
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It is appropriate for the Icelandic Emigration Center to be located in Hofsós, as the first white settler in America, Thorfinnur Karlsefni, came from the area near Hofsós. It is believed that Karlsefni may have set out to sea from this area when he sailed to America, eventually landing in Vinland (now Newfoundland). He and his wife Guðríður Thorbjarnardóttir established a home in Vinland between the years 1004 and 1006 during which time they had a son, Snorri Thorfinnsson, who was the first European to be born of immigrant parents in North America. After they returned to Iceland they settled at Glaumbær, nearby Hofsós.
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Samgönguminjasafnið í Stóragerði var opnað formlega þann 26. júní 2004 af Ársæli Guðmundssyni þáverandi sveitastjóra Skagafjarðar. Safnið var þá 600fm salur með lítilli gestamóttöku. Á nokkrum árum var umfangið á safninu orðið það mikið að stækka þurfti salinn um 800fm ásamt gestamóttökunni, byrjað var á því haustið 2010 og var full klárað fyrir sumarið 2013. í dag eru 97 tæki til sýnis í salnum og má þar nefna bíla, rútu, mótorhjól, sleða, búvélar, flugþyt og ekki má gleyma öllu því smádóti sem tengist samgöngusögu Íslendinga. Fyrir utan safnið og í kringum það má svo áætla að séu í kringum 250-300 bílar og tæki í misgóðu ásigkomulagi sem flestum gestum okkar þykir ótrúlega gaman að skoða. Verkstæði safnsins stendur sunnan við safnið og er öll uppgerð á bílum og tækjum unnin þar.

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JF hestar

JF hestar is a small family run business, based in Hofsós in Skagafjördur in the north of Iceland. For three generations we have been breeding and training horses. We offer exclusive riding tours in small and friendly groups, which will give you a personal and special experience. The landscape is breathtaking, and will make you want to return again and again.

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Lónkot is a tourist retreat far out in the north by the arctic ocean. It used to be a farm and the farmhouses were converted into guesthouses and restaurant in 1991-1995 and were renovated 2012-2013. Lónkot is a family owned property. The rooms in the former sheephouses and barn loft are all different from each other with really cozy and comfortable, old style feel. The restaurant, bar and lounge is in the former cowshed and has a nice, relaxing atmosphere, view to the mountains and sea. Lónkot offers their guests a local cuisine with the best and fresh ingredients from mother nature depending on what each month provides.

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